FTUK is the smart way of funding Forex trading. We believe that everyone deserves a chance and should not be driven into debt while realizing their ambitions. We want trading to be affordable for anyone who has a desire to become a successful Forex trader.

We fund your trading strategy with our capital while you optimize your craft. As you master your trading skills, we trust you with more capital. At FTUK, we also help you to improve your skills with advice from our supportive senior traders and training courses that augment your knowledge and elevate your success.

FTUK supports traders from all over the world, in all phases of their careers. We are looking forward to exploring new trading strategies and new insights to help other unique traders build capital as well. As we are a tight-knit trading community, we all help each other to become successful.

At FTUK, we have built a program that is designed for fast profitable scaling. This Augmented Growth program is unheard of, and would not be possible when trading your own capital. While you trade our capital, we double your monetary funding each time you hit a milestone.

Because you are trading our capital, we offer you a fair deal – you keep up to 80% of your profits. Trade up to $2,880,000 of our capital with no risk.

Mohsen Haghi

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